Maria Del Carmen - Family Bed Donation


The Guerra Family of La Libertad

As we delivered beds one day to a family of 5, through our conversation we learned the mother was trained as a child to sew.  We were looking for a skilled seamstress to come and make sheets for the bed program and so Silvia jumped at the opportunity.  She previously had been a coconut vender working 12 hour, long hot days on the side of the road selling coconut water.  As we got to know Silvia we invited her to be a part of Esperanza sewing sheets and pillow-cases.  Over time, we discovered she has a passion for the children in her community. As a position came available in the nutrition center (C.D.I.), the staff asked her to come work with them.  Now 3 of Silvia’s children are sponsored and attending the nutrition and development center.  Silvia teaches basic sewing to the children, and volunteers her time with Esperanza on the weekend with the older girls who make the scarves and aprons.  Silvia’s son Christian is part of the carpentry group, enjoys learning English and is a great role model for the younger boys.